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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 9, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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into "man, machine, and environment." they will try to figure out what caused collision. the crew of the ship staying on board the "overseas raymar" in san francisco bay hopefully enjoying four or five days of unexpected vacation time enjoying the sights of san francisco bay as the coast guard and the ntsb get the investigations going. >> the abc7 news i-team has been digging into the background of guy kleess, piloting the "overseas raymar" at the time of the accident. there are three addresses under his name. one in san francisco. one in wyoming. what appears to be the current one in maryland. you see video provided to us by the san francisco bar pilots who work a week on and a week off but can trade ships.
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we asked shipping officials about the possibility of pilot fatigue and the bar pilot came to san francisco from maryland right before the crash. >> was he on a red eye? >> we do not know when he came on or off or when he got on or off the ship. >> the shipping industry has filed suit to get information of the pilot's shift and whether fatigue is a problem. the bar pilots and the board are appealing a september decision. you can keep up with new developments by following us at abc7 >> pittsburg police are saying a man acted in self-defense when he killed an intruder at his apartment on east leland road yesterday morning. police say he was likely an
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attempted burglar. when the tenant saw someone trying to break if he immediately went to the bedroom and grabbed a gun. >> by the time he was back to the door he is confronted by the suspect who is inside of the house and the suspect engages in a physical altercation with our resident. during the altercation the resident loses control of the firearm. >> the tenant managed to grab a knife and stabbed intruder in the neck. the intruder was 54-year-old pittsburg man with an extensive history. two others were arrested would have a connection to the intruder. >> vice president biden is meeting with victims group and gun safety organizations at the white house today to spur fresh action on gun legislation. the national rifle association has confirmed they will be among those meeting with biden's task force today and tomorrow examining ways to control gun violence in the wake of the recent mass shooting in sandy
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hook elementary school in connecticut. president obama wants a report from biden's task force with policy plans by the end of the month. bay area congressman thompson is holding similar meetings here. our reporter will have more on that in ten minutes. >> the petaluma police are warning parents when a man tried to lure a 14-year-old in his car on monday afternoon. investigators say the man asked the girl who attends another girl if she needed a ride and she refused and continued walking. police say the man apologized but insisted she get in the car. she flagged down a passerby for help and the suspect drove off. detectives describe the man as hispanic, approximately 20 to 30, with no facial hair, bald, and a tan complexion and was wearing a black t-shirt. >> this morning, oakland police will reveal details on the second theft in two months at the oakland museum of california. this time, burglars stole an
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$800,000 golden box which happened on monday morning. the burglars stole a piece of quartz from the gold rush era. >> a water emergency is forcing an oakland hospital to postpone elective surgeries. officials have issued a cold dry at the med center after a utility problem shut off water to the facility meaning no one could use the sinks or flush toilet. water was restored late in the evening but nonemergency surgeries have been put off until they make sure everything is okay. patients were never in danger and the hospital will not elaborate on the utility failure. >> former san francisco giants star barry bonds will find out if he was voted in major league baseball's hall of fame. they are expected to announce the results of the votes around
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11 a.m. and many have expressed reservations of bonds because of questions about steroid use. votes are cast for a seven time cy young award winner clemens and seem sosa all linked to steroids. >> a settlement between pg&e and a family that lost a mother and daughter in the gas explosion and fire gives the family rights over the safety progress. the 44-year-old mother and her 13-year-old daughter were among eight people killed in the blast and fire that destroyed more than three dozen homes. in addition to monetary settlement the family attorney says pg&e must send progress reports on the new program. >> a live vie is being shored up with sandbags, 4,000 sand bags were filled yesterday. those used the bags to line a
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levee at a creek today which overflowed last month causing 2.7 million in damage to public property. the levee separates the creek from dozens of home in palo alto. amy hollyfield will have more in the next report. >> we will see if we will get enough rain to warrant all that activity on the peninsula. mike? >> great question. it is very, very light scattered showers less than .1". but the snow level dropped down to 1,500 to 2,000 feet so if a storm dumped in the higher elevation we could get a dusting. right now, three quarter mile visibility in santa rosa and napa and quarter-mile visibility in concord. temperatures are in the upper 30's to low 40's, with mid-to-upper 40's around fremont
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and oakland and san francisco and half moon bay and san rafael at 44. foggy through the morning. upper 30's to mid-40's where we will bottom out at 7:00. we will hang around in the upper 40's at noon and low-to-mid 50's headed into the afternoon and from 4:00 on we will have our best chance of scattered showers. another chance tomorrow but it will be lesser of a chance and better chance over the ocean than anything developing tomorrow just cool in upper 40's to low 50's. friday and saturday, it will be frosty with a slight shower on saturday afternoon. >> we have a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is very light, with a few cars headed through on the westbound bound into san francisco with no fog here and no fog at the san mateo bridge but it is busier here toward san mateo, and no delays and everything is moving at the limit with road work out
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there, eastbound and westbound on the dumbarton bridge, eastbound until 6:00 this morning and westbound road work will be picked up at 5:00 a.m., and northbound 880 and 66, you will find road work in various lanes being blocked. and the mount vein view northbound 85, to 101 there is road work. >> disgraced cycling star lance armstrong faces new allegations this morning. next, the claim that he may have tried to bribe his way out of a drug investigation. >> the bay area city at the heart of innovation and technology turns to an old world trend to boost dining and business downtown. first, the tech bytes. >> in tech bytes apple feels the heat. the "wall street journal" says the company is reportedly working on a cheaper iphone with a plastic shell rather than an aluminum shell, less expensive droid phones are gaining market share. the news from the consumer
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electronics show isn't just entertainment. audi has a car that parks itself but can pick you up. the really cool part is how it works with a smartphone. >> seeing the car drive on its own is amazing but pressing a button, and seeing it start and arrive where you are standing is pretty down right amazing. >> but this is still 10 years off. those are the tech
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>> santa clear, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, halfway there on wednesday: 4:42 you can see the embarcardero and the bay bridge. everything is dry. we have a chance of sprinkles
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later. we will have more on that coming up. >> the head of the united states antidoping agency says lance armstrong offers a six figure donation to the agency at a time when he knew he was under investigation. a representative of the cyclist offered town $250,000 in 2004. armstrong was stripped of the seven tour de france titles last year and denied all allegations having used performance enhancement activists and is scheduled to sit sit down with h for the first interview. >> congressman thompson has a series of forums on gun violence including one tonight in vallejo after the shootings in connecticut. passions ran high last night during the first forum held in napa. abc7 news reporter has more. >> the evening featured passionate give-and-take on the subject of gun control and rights.
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>> to sit there and try to limit and encourage people to limit our constitution is appalling. >> at times the man getting the backlash was democratic congressman thompson just appointed by pelosi to lead a gun violence prevention task force after the shooting of 20 elementary school students and seven adults in connecticut. he wanted to ban the type of semi-automatic rifle used in the attack. >> as a gun owner and hunter i don't think they do us good and i don't think they should be in our communities or our streets. >> the overflow crowd of 200 spilled down the hallway of napa city hall, they heard a few speakers repeat the call for armed guards in all schools. >> the kid could have been alive if a few of the office personnel or the people had a concealed carry permit. >> that idea did not go
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unchallenged. >> i know i am get booed but when i listen to the leadership of the n.r.a. saying we need more guns in the schools i could vomit. >> congressman thompson will hold a similar forum tonight in slay yeah and thursday in santa rosa and take the ideas back to washington for possible legislation. in napa for abc7 news. >> national park officials have come up with a plan to protect a river that run through yosemite which limits the number of daily visitors to under 20,000 to prevent overcrowding and ban commercial rafting on the river and limit the number of places where can you use your own park. bicycle rentals are barred and the ice rink is eliminated. officials have been under court order to find ways to protect the river from erosion and the banks from being trampled. >> san jose could try out more park lets, sidewalk seating
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areas that extend into a couple of street parking places. there are a few now but they cannot afford to pay if more and is considering to allow businesses to pay for them at $25,000 each. some businesses say they are eager to try it and others say it is just not cost effective. the pilot program allows five businesses to of month forward. >> interesting. that is what san francisco people are saying they are eyesores. so there are two sides. >> or three or four sides. this is the bay area. >> visiting a park this afternoon? a little damp for some folks. >> "little" that is the keep. scattered light showers. the big story is the cooler weather and the fact we could have frost for several mornings. be prepared if an isolated shower pops up over your neighborhood. it is clear as far as wet well.
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notice the clouds on live doppler 7 hd. a lost clouds out there. no radar runs right now. that could change in the afternoon. we are in the upper 30's to mid-40's, the same thing around monterey bay. scattered showers the next two days. frosty nights through the weekend and another chance of a scattered shower on saturday. they are scattered and light. january is opposite of december with the chances of showers but the fact they are not bringing much moisture is a big difference. high pressure to our south and to our west and all this is funneling cold continues our way with scattered showers. the system is really moisture starved for the most part because it is coming straight down from the arctic circle. our cloud cover for the only has clouds and by noon we could have
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a scattered shower develop in the north bay and the scattered showers move through from northbound to southbound across the bay in the afternoon and early evening. overnight the best chance for a shower is over the ocean and tomorrow the best chance of a shower is over the ocean where the greatest instability is because the ocean water will be warmer than the land the the levels are down to 1,500' but nothing to possibly .1" so if the snow develops it will be only a dusting. playoff game on saturday: packer s and 49ers, and kicking off at 50 and dropping to 46. not too bad if that respect. the accweather forecast shows tomorrow's temperature barely out of the 40-degree range. we will be frosty cold on friday morning, saturday morning and sunday and inland by the upper 50's by the end of the weekend. and next week.
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>> happy wednesday if you are traveling this morning out of nevada southbound to lucas valley road you can see the headlights are traveling beyond the marin ymca with no fog here. no fog on waldo and golden gate bridge is clear with crews configuring southbound commute to four lanes with road work in the north part of the spokesman northbound down to one lane and southbound was two so they are reconfiguring now for the morning commute. road work eastbound four, the reverse commute direction until 6:00 a.m. and westbound is looking good out of antioch you can see speeds at the limit and 20-minute drive toward concord. from the central valley we have fog reported around 205. otherwise, it is moving at the limit up and over the pass into
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the dublin/pleasanton interchange and road work on the peninsula until 5:30 this morning northbound and southbound 101 between poplar and 92 in both directions. >> you could get your tax refunds her this year with the i.r.s. watching slight delays are possible because it will start processing most tax returns at the end of the month a week later than planned because congress took so long reaching a fiscal cliff deal. some will have to wait physical late february or march to file including those claiming residential energy critics and property depreciation or general business credit. >> coming up the neighborhood squabble over wild turkeys. a group says they have to go. >> an invitation by facebook create as frenzy in tech circles. >> diet drinks promise to keep the pounds off but there is another
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>> good morning, everyone, at 4:53. a live picture toward the westbound with the bay bridge with traffic moving okay. we will check to see if there are other trouble spots in a couple of minutes. >> aaa expects gas prices to be lower this year compared to last year barring unforeseen events. the average price for a gallon unledded is $3.61 in california, the fourth highest average in the country. the average price was nine cents higher at this time last year. this morning, the average price is $3.67 in san francisco and $3.59 in san jose and $3.58 in oakland. >> popular infant property is being recalled because of mold recalling newborn rock in place sleepers after receiving 600 reports of mold on the sleepers with 16 newborns becoming sick. consumers should immediately
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inspect the product the area between the seat cusion and the hard plastic frame and stop using it if they find mold. we have the recall information including a number to recall on our website at look under oh sigh -- look under oh see it on tv i. >> are you ready for the cold? >> the cold? mike? >> the cold weather is the big story. today, the temperatures will seem warm compared to movie. we have mid-50's under clouds. the best chance of showers is up north and we will get our chance early evening hours. there is snow up to the north. that will work toward talk -- tahoe but not get there until tonight or tomorrow. headed up 5 to eureka on 101,
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you need to want out for the rain and the higher elevation. if you are headed to the south, almost spring like temperatures at 70 in los angeles and palm springs and 64 in san diego. safe travels. >> good morning, everyone. we have a problem with a car versus a wall at blossom hill that spun off the roadway and into the trees. it is cleared on the shoulder and not affecting the drive. eastbound and westbound dumbarton bridge, road work eastbound until 6:00 this morning and westbound will be picked up in a few minutes. there is not much slowing either direction on the dumbarton bridge and no reports of fog. north 880 for oakland from the colisieum down to one lane because of road work that is picked up at 6:00 a.m. >> more problems for the boeing 78 dream liner, 787 operated by
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japan was taxiing yesterday in boston and a pilot in another plane noticed fuel coming from a wing and the control tower immediately averted the flight and the plane was towed to a gate and another dream liner had a fire on monday at the same airport. the incident comes as all airways will start nonstop service from san jose to tokyo, on friday. >> a pair of turkeys, rather risk? >> the turkeys are running lose in san jose neighborhood and officials worry they could be in danger. they have been spotted nearst and 880. emergency services took this video after neighbors complains. they will not remove the turkeys but and oppose taking the birds away. the group says that if the birds remain they could be killed by a car, a person, or a dog. >> facebook has an event at the headquarters next week to unveil
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something new. they have sent out have it takes that include one line "come see what we are building." some expect late -- speculate it could be a facebook phone. it has been a year since they have held a news conference. >> scientists believe diet drinks could lead to depression. researchers found those that consumed four a day officers the risk of depression but it does not prove they cause depress but a theory is people dealing with diabetes and obesity consume diet drinks and those conditions can lead to depression. >> next at 5:00, a controversial land to fight crime in oakland, the power some want lawmakers to give to police. >> a burglary ring is busted by an alert homeowner. we have dramatic new
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 wednesday morning with some changes. thanks for joining us i am kristen sze. >> a change involves the temperature going down. we will check with mike nicco. >> absolutely. sharp cold front coming our way later today. good morning, everyone. it will kick up showers. right now we are off to a dry start. the showers coming in from the northwest, and we will let you know ahead of time when it gets do your neighborhood. quarter-mile visibility in napa
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